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Global Skin invites only the most competitive businesses  in the beauty industry to join their Exclusive Membership Opportunity.

WHY not  be part of one of the most innovative business models in the beauty space?  Listed below are some of the reasons why you will want to become part of it

6 Functions. 1 System. Unlimited possibilities

  • The IN-SKIN face device, is a 6-IN-1 multifunctional skin system that includes Microdermabrasion, Oxygen, LED light, Radio frequency, Air massage and Electroporation functions all in one device. This makes operating the device very easy and saves more time than having to switch from device to device.
  • All IN-SKIN functions provide unlimited posibilities of treatment combinations and, as part of your membership, scientifically tested skin protocols are available to you for optimal results and client satisfaction.

No need to invest money.Only pay per minute of use

  • The equivalent of purchasing 6 individual devices would cost over $100,000.00 US dollars. However, as an Exclusive Member you have access to our 6-IN-1 IN-SKIN device at no cost to you.
  • We do not require you to purchase or lease our devices. Global skin offers the first of its kind, perfomance based system where you only pay “per minute of use“. Pay for the time you use as you create more profitability for your business.

Easy and convenient billing

  • Not only is the device extremely easy to use, we have created a very simple tracking and billing system for your convenience.  Each deviced is equiped with cutting edge technology capable of tracking each minute of the use of the device.  The software does not track the time the device is turned on or not, but rather the time that each of the 6 functions are beeing used . The software keeps all the performance online for easy access and billing

Certification and training

  • The IN-SKIN certification process includes 12 hours of hands on training. Additionally, it includes  up to 8 hours of marketing business coaching. The greater news is, every member receives ongoing support on a monthly basis. Unlike other competitors, we have local offices and our team is always available to assist you.

Ongoing support

  • A dedicated member care agent is available to support you as needed. Our common goal is,  increasing profitability for your business.
  • It pays off to referr! When a new business is referred to In-Skin for membership and after approval, the referring business gets free hours of use.
  • All maintanence and repairs are guaranteed and resolved by our  In-Skin technical support team within 24 hours of reporting any issues.