6-1 In-Skin system


The IN-SKIN face device, is a 6-IN-1 skin system that includes Microdermabrasion, Oxygen, LED light, Radio frequency, Air massage and Electroporation functions all in one device. This makes operating the device very easy and saves more time than having to switch from device to device.


The IN-SKIN 6-1 system

Introducing IN-SKIN by Global skin THE PERFECT 6-IN-1-SYSTEM FOR FACE- AND DECOLLETAGE- TREATMENTS Our new IN-SKIN 6-in-1 system was built on the basis of our long-standing experience and competence in bio-medical technologies and high-level collaborations with doctors, university hospitals, and renowned therapists. Thus, we constantly focus on the use of the latest state-of-the-art technology and high quality components to build reliable, powerful and high-performing devices for medial and aesthetical applications.

• Oxygen
• Microdermabrasion
• Radiofrequency
• Mask Light Face Treatment
• Air massage
• Electro-poration

The system is entirely computer-driven, built and developed according to state-of-the art standards and very versatile. The preset high-tech-programs enable fast handing throughout treatments, short learning processes and a variety of treatment applications.

Oxygen has a vitalizing effect and stimulates the cellular respiration. Thereby the tone is increased offering the skin more elasticity and a shining appearance. The treatment is noninvasive, painless and without any side effects. Oxygen has antibacterial qualities and it is the perfect way to reduce the skin irritations. At the same time oxygen acts as the transport matrix for the infiltration of serum. Thus, you have the option to deliver a specially chosen serum deeply into the skin.

Microdermabrasion (MDA) is used to improve the superficial skin layer. It is a mechanical abrasion of old or damaged epidermis skin. This way the dead cells are removed and the collagen regeneration is stimulated. This step is very important as the regeneration takes place via the subsequent oxygen treatment. We have chosen the best and most noble material for our microdermabrasion. GlobalSkin systems use diamonds for the entire abrasion process.

Radio frequency is very effective against loose skin and wrinkles achieving a rejuvenating result on the skin. The diathermic effect increases the tissue oxygen supply, accelerating the cell metabolism and stimulating the collagen regeneration, elastin and hyaluronic acid – leading to a natural lifting effect. The skin looks firmer, stronger and more beautiful.

The chromo frequency works against the inharmonious vibrations of cells. Using energy and vibrations of one or more colors you can give the skin its correct balance back. The LED mask combined with specially developed gel masks gives the skin the right balance. In addition, by combining this skin therapy with other treatments the results can be maximized.

This lymph activation prevents slagging, loosens cell deposits and supports the elimination of toxins and tissue decomposition. Due to the better blood circulation that results from this improvement of cell metabolism, the regeneration of the collagen connective tissue is boosted.

Electroporation Professional treatment based on meso-therapy. Electroporation, coming from the technologies used in the biomedical sciences, is considered THE innovation in aesthetic cosmetics.. The GlobalSkin FACE MACHINE improves the capacity of absorbing active substances through the skin. It also treats aesthetic problems effectively by attacking them at their source. The effect will already be visible after one hour of treatment! The perfect lifting for a clear face!

Oxygen can be used – amongst other applications – for intensive facial cleansing, and wrinkle reduction. The treatment is also completely pain free. In combination with the products that we developed specifically for the use with this system, it will unfold its revitalizing powers and yield convincing end results.