F.A.Q ( Frequently Asked Questions)

FaceMachine-Mask-Light-Face 1) Why should I change my current machine or devices, I already have a great microdermabrasion device and oxygen device?

Great news. While IN-SKIN offers 6 functions, you only pay per minute of use of the device and you may choose to use only the functions that are best suited for your business.


    2) How easy is it to use?

IN-SKIN is very easy to use due to its automation capabilities. The device can be programmed to produce a complete skin protocol treatment regimen that is consistent each time irrespective of who the technician is that is handling the device.  In addition, the device is visually easy

to compherend and  gives easy to follow cues to adjust each treatment as needed.


  3) How  long is the training?

The IN-SKIN training is composed of 20 hours of expert hands on training which is divided into flexible modules for your convenience.


 4) What support do you offer after certification?

IN-SKIN offers ongoing support provided by your Exclusive Member Care Agent who is available to provide you with the tools that will maximize the profitability of your business


5) Do I have to pay any set up or monthly lease fees?

Great news. Global skin is the first company in the cosmetic device industry who offers a “pay per use“ model where you don’t incurr additional expenses . There are no set up or monthly lease fees.


6) Is the Machine FDA approved? 

The IN-SKIN system is FDA approved for cosmetic purposes in the USA.


7) How long do I keep the machine for?            

Every Exclusive Member of Global Skin is carefully selected for placement based on the current productivity of the business. Therefore, when the placement is made, it is with the intention that the business will keep the device for as long as it is profitable enough for your business as well as the usage meets the minimum volume requirements.


8) What are my liabilities?

Global Skin requires every Exclusive Member to carry      equipment insurance for their business and to add the device to their policy.  However, Exclusive Members are not responsible for maintenance repairs.


9) Who pays for maintenance or repairs?

Great news.  Global Skin will cover all maintenance repairs of the device so that you can focus on  growing your business.


10) Is it possible to have a customized look?

Global Skin is a world leader manufacturing company for cosmetic and beauty devices.  It is possible for those who qualify to receive devices with their custom colors and logo.


11) What if I prefer to buy this machine?

Regretfully, the IN-SKIN device is not for sale in the USA.